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Bathroom Remodeling
The bathroom in the home can be the most used and most dangerous room in the home. It is important to make sure the layout, fixtures, and features of the bathroom fit the needs of each resident as well as a guests. A.I.P. Help will conduct a complete assessment of the bathroom and make any recommendations that may make this part of the house safer.

Most homes do not have sufficient grab bars in the bathroom or particularly the shower area. Entering and exiting the shower, tub or wet room is usually slippery and in a matter of seconds can turn hazardous. Having grab bars available at the exact moment and place you need them is your best defense against injury. 

Grab bars these days come in many shapes and colors to match your existing decor and more people are welcoming their existence. A well equipped bathing area can add value to your home and make it safer for all users.

Other features of the bathroom to consider include lighting, flooring, counter tops, appliances, electric, plumbing, and emergency preparedness. For example, if you were to fall in the bathroom would you most likely block a closed door making it harder for help to reach you? Does your counter have sharp corners that can cause injury if you stumbled into them?

Many aspects of the bathroom can be examined and recommended changes can be made through A.I.P. Help construction services. Cal for free in-home consultation.

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